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Easy to Export data table to Excel

Sometimes we need to modify the layout of financial statements for presenting to our clients. Don't worry, in AccounTax we can simply export our financial statements.
System will automatically download the excel file data
Finally, you can edit (ex. Add client’s logo) to give the financial statements better look.

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Easy to attach document/picture file in Journal Entry

In the new era, physical storage for is no longer necessary. Moreover, that would likely to be more less efficient and ineffective. AccounTax enables you to save your physical documents or evidences by attach them in every journal even in each line of Journal.

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Easy to edit Chart of Account

AccounTax Chart of Account is designed to fulfill your company needs, but sometimes cash & bank accounts or expense accounts the company have another preferences. AccounTax accommodate you to customized it to fit your company needs.

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Easy to change financial statement language

If you have needs to provide the financial statements for the foreign employee, do not change or translate it yourself. AccounTax enables you to serve financial statement in several language (English, Korean, Bahasa). Simply just choose it in financial statements as picture below.

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Easy to Execute Depreciation

Depreciation is an accounting method used to allocate the cost of an asset over its useful life which may alter the original cost of a fixed asset. If you find it difficult to calculate the depreciation of business assets, or you have too many assets that make it difficult for you to calculate the value of each asset. In AccounTax we have the solution to simply calculate and generate the depreciation Journal automatically.

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