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Track Your Ingredient Inventory

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i5 Trading & Distribution

Managing Inventory

i5 is an integrated Cloud ERP system, from Basic Costing, Sales & Inventory which can be suitable for Trading & Distribution Company.

  • Integrated & Real-time.
  • No more Pain Managing Inventory, Basic Costing & Consigning.
  • Help you to reduce tedious and repetitive work.

i-Series Integrated Modules



  • Organization
  • Item
  • User
  • Authority


  • COA
  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Asset
  • Journal
  • Trial Balance
  • Finance Statement

Purchase/ Import

  • Contract
  • Down Payment
  • Price Control
  • Import

Sales/ Export

  • Sales Plan
  • Receivable
  • Return
  • Delivery Note
  • Promotion
  • Revenue


  • Sales Plan
  • Receivable
  • Revenue
  • Delivery Note


  • Warehouse
  • Stock Moving
  • Picking Up
  • Counting


  • Unit Pricing
  • Merchandise Costing
  • Profit Analysis

Who Need It?

A company that purchases/imports products and holds inventory and transacts between companies.

Basic Plan

As a general distribution company, it is a company that efficiently manages inventory/delivery from order receipt to delivery.
A company that intends to establish and improve an inventory management system such as available and actual inventory.
As a B2B specialized company, it is inconvenient to do manual work of export/import management that occurs in some cases.
A company that seeks to merge (partial / complete) production and distribution as a short-term strategy through production or outsourcing production.

Applicable Industries

  • Electrical
  • Accessories
  • Food
  • Food Material
  • Machine Parts
  • Raw Materials
  • B2B Distribution