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Performance Quality

SystemEver provides high-performance quality by implementing Microsoft Azure as Cloud Service to meet the security standards.
SystemEver has been certified by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) for the cloud computing service quality performance standards (seven criteria: availability, responsiveness, scalability, reliability, service continuity, service support, customer response) of the Ministry of Science and ICT of the Ministry of Science and ICT. The quality performance level has been recognized.

Issue number: NIPA-CQ-18-001-R, May 2018

Quality Performance Test

Availability 99,9 %
Responsiveness Within 5 seconds on average
Scalability Scale Up, Scale Out, Database within 5, 20 and 10 minutes
Reliability Average within 10 minutes

Service Persistence Securing vision / financial soundness for service continuity, securing expertise through internal and external training by field to secure internal capabilities / strengthen service competitiveness.
Service Support Provide multi-device environment for user convenience, secure online/offline customer training support system, and service user support function.
Customer Response Securing procedures for collecting and handling user requests and complaints.
Microsoft Azure Security Compliance
Layered Security Level
ERP service applies TLS encryption to ensure confidentiality and consistency of data in the network section.

To maintain stable service, we have built and operated a high-availability architecture, real-time monitoring and vulnerability analysis, and metric analysis system.
The customer's database is safely stored with TDE (AES-256) encryption, and personal information is strictly managed in accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act and Article 29 of the Information and Communications Network Act.

Customer passwords are managed safely by applying one-way encryption (SHA-512). Customer databases are backed up in near real time and stored in data centers around the world.
Host Security
System management is safely managed through firewall, virtual network, vaccine, monitoring, auditing, logging, and multi-level access control.All Azure disks apply SSE (Storage Service Encryption) to keep customer data safe.
Authentication and Authorization Control
System access control is strictly controlled by applying minimum privileges only to authorized personnel through the pre-screening management policy for access requests.All access requests are audited and logged, and access is only possible through a multi-factor authentication process.
All data stored or transmitted in Azure is encrypted and managed safely.The Azure cloud provides defense against DDoS attacks through always-on traffic monitoring and real-time mitigation of common network-level attacks.
Data center physical security
The Azure data center is monitored 24 hours a day and is fully equipped with physical security such as fire and earthquake response facilities and access control to safely manage customer data.

Completed compliance with various information protection standards and security controls and obtained certifications from government and private industry

Applied country
ISO/IEC 27001
Information security standard
ISO security standard
PCI DSS Level 1
Information security standard
Security standards for Payment Card Industry (PCI), Data Security Standards (DSS)

Microsoft Security
Compliance Framework

Security objectives are set in line with business and industry requirements.
Security analysis and best practices are established to detect and respond to threats.
Perform high-level security benchmark analysis to meet compliance.
Continuously obtain certification through constant monitoring and testing.
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