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Software System ERP Manufacture

Software System ERP Manufacture

Running your business is now easier than ever

i7 Manufacture ERP

Manufacture Management

i7 is the integrated cloud ERP for Managing Manufacture process.

  • Integrated & Real-time.
  • No More Pain Managing MPS (Master Production Schedule) & BOM (Bill of Material).
  • Help you to reduce tedious and repetitive work.

i-Series Integrated Modules



  • Organization
  • Item
  • User
  • Authority


  • COA
  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Asset
  • Journal
  • Trial Balance
  • Finance Statement

Purchase/ Import

  • Contract
  • Down Payment
  • Price Control
  • Import

Sales/ Export

  • Sales Plan
  • Receivable
  • Return
  • Delivery Note
  • Promotion
  • Revenue


  • Warehouse
  • Stock Moving
  • Picking Up
  • Counting


  • Contract
  • Down Payment
  • Price Control
  • Import

Sub Contract

  • Agreement
  • Sub contract Supply
  • Good Return
  • Subcontract Payable


  • Unit Pricing
  • MGF Cost
  • Cost Allocation
  • Total Cost
  • Profit Analysis

Who Need It?

A typical manufacturing company that directly produces or outsources standardized products and supplies them from the stock when requested by a customer, or by purchasing and producing materials according to the delivery schedule while holding stock.

Basic Plan

As a general manufacturing company, it is a company that efficiently manages inventory / delivery from order receipt to delivery.
A company that intends to establish and improve an inventory management system such as available and actual inventory.
Companies inconvenient for manual work due to lack of necessary functions during export/import management
As a general manufacturing, distribution, manufacturing & distribution company, a company that plans to establish a company-wide system step by step while calculating cost and profit/loss status, and to introduce a construction-type ERP in the long run.

Applicable Industries

  • Electrical
  • Accessories
  • Machine Parts
  • Materials
  • Assembly MFG
  • Food
  • Cosmetics